Arthur Rimbaud Media Library and Cultural Centre

    Arthur Rimbaud Media Library and Cultural Centre / Dacbert Cochet Chapellier Architect


    The Arthur Rimbaud Media Library and Cultural centre was constructed in the context of the city of Anthony’s urban renewal program. The city launched a public competition for the construction of a media library at Place des Baconnets with the aim of opening up the secluded Noyer Doré neighbourhood as well as offering cultural activities to the residents of this disadvantaged neighbourhood by promoting social interaction. The construction of the media library would be a symbol of the revival of the neighborhood. 

    Our response is a formally simplistic and easily identifiable building which contrasts, in both architecture and ambiance, with the surrounding buildings (the strict, sober and neutral forms of the surrounding residential buildings and the loud, playful architecture of the adjacent shopping centre). 

    We proposed a simple and bright architectural style designed to clearly convey the nature of the media library as a contemporary public facility, and a space of cultural circulation and recreation with its amenities open to the public. The building might have otherwise appeared as a closed space, reserved for an initiated elite, demanding a commitment to regular attendance and as such, intimidating to the public. Our building expresses the ambitions of an attractive and vibrant media library, offering a variety of activities and events, a place where the public can stroll amongst the bookshelves and disc gondolas as well as see exhibitions or simply read books.