2012 IEEE物联网自动化、控制、与智能系统国际会议-2012-05-27

2011-11-16 00:00

会议名称(中文):  2012 IEEE物联网自动化、控制、与智能系统国际会议 
会议名称(英文):  2012 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent System 
所属学科:  计算机网络,信息安全,自动化技术应用,能源技术基础与储能节能 
开始日期:  2012-05-27 
结束日期:  2012-05-31 
所在国家:  泰国 
主办单位:  IEEE Nanotechnology Council, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society    
[ 组织结构 ] 会议主席:  Steve TUNG & Max Q.-H. MENG 
组织委员会主席:  Toshio FUKUDA 
程序委员会主席:  Tzyh-Jong TARN & Ning XI & Gwo-Bin LEE & John YEOW 
会议嘉宾:  姓名 职务 简介 演讲题目 
[ 重要日期 ] 摘要截稿日期:  2011-12-20 
全文截稿日期:  2011-12-20 
[ 会务组联系方式 ] 联系人:  Wen Jung Li 
联系电话:  +852 9172 4105    
E-MAIL:  info@ieee-cyber.org    
会议网站:  http://www.ieee-cyber.org/2012/ 
会议背景介绍:  IEEE-CYBER is a newly established international conference focusing on intelligent cyber systems in automation and control. Today’s automation systems are increasingly equipped with sophisticated sensors and network interfaces to facilitate real-time monitoring and control through the cyber space. As networking technology continues to increase in bandwidth and decrease in price, this trend is expected to grow by leaps and bounds as new generations of internet-friendly automation systems become increasingly interconnected to provide not only fast and cost-effective, but also advanced intelligent control to a wide variety of disciplines such as healthcare, homeland security, energy, telecommunications, environment, transportation, and manufacturing.
2012 IEEE-CYBER国际会议关注的是基于自动化和控制的智能化物联网系统。如今由精密传感器和网络接口构成的自动化系统日益完备,从而使利用网络空间进行的实时检测和控制愈加便利。随着网络技术的发展,带宽不断增加、价格持续下降,物联网越来越具有相互关联性,并飞速地成长为新一代互联网友好的自动化系统。它不仅速度快、效费比高,而且能够提供多种领域先进的智能控制,如医疗保健、国土安全、能源、电信、环境、交通和制造业等。

征文范围及要求:  IEEE-CYBER 2012 will be organized into three separate symposiums, focusing on the following technical areas:

Symposium 1: Internet of Things and Sensor Networks

  Cyber physical systems
  Internet of things
  Sensor network
  Wireless network
  Cyber security
  Integrated optical, chemical and biological sensors
  Hybrid systems
  Other areas in Internet of things and sensor networks
Symposium 2: Power Management and Intelligent Energy Systems

  Power management
  Distributed systems
  Power grid design and management
  Green, renewable, and sustainable energy
  Energy scavenging
  Alternative energy
  Power electronics
  Micro- and nanoscale power supplies
  Other areas in power management and intelligent energy systems
Symposium 3: Robotics and Automation

  Internet robots
  Virtual reality
  Human machine interaction
  Robot vision and sensing
  Cyber physical actuators
  Cyber service robots
  Field, rescue and security robots
  Robot mechanism and control
  Automation architecture and systems
  Other areas in robotics and automation
Please select the most relevant symposium when submitting your paper.

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